MAFES Sales Store
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PO Box 6109 Mississippi State, MS 39762-6109

Ground Beef $4.06   Bacon $6.47  
Hamburger Patties $5.99   Bacon, peppered $6.75  
Ribeye Steak $12.93   Boston Butt, cooked $6.36  
Sirloin Tip Roast $5.92   Cajun Andouille Sausage $6.39  
T-Bone Steak $12.34   Cured Ham, whole $5.07  
1/2 Beef $2.97   M State - Boneless, fully cooked (price each) $25.99  
Beef Jerky (per pack) NOT SOLD BY THE POUND) $5.25   Pork BBQ $6.68  
Pork Chops $5.50  
LAMB PRICE/LB Sausage, fresh $4.44  
Sausage, fresh patties $4.67  
Sausage, smoked $5.92  
Sausage, smoked w/pepper jack cheese $6.25  
Whole Hog $1.89  
Hail State Ham $4.50  
Smoked Cooked Turkey $5.15  
Smoked Cooked Turkey Breast $6.25  
*All prices are per pound and subject to change without notice.
*Product availability, lead time, and quantity will vary.

Orders will be accepted by phone, fax or mail. All orders are for PICKUP only.
Customers may pay for their order when it is picked up.

Please call with questions about special orders or any item on our list.

The Meats Laboratory, located at 315 Wise Center Drive, is operated for the
purpose of teaching and research in meats in the Animal & Dairy Sciences and Food
Science Nutrition & Health Promotion Departments at Mississippi State University.
Products from these activities are made available for sale on a retail basis.